Monday, May 30, 2011

la liga

i realized that i´ve never shared the amazing experience of going to a soccer game here in ecuador. i´ve been lucky enough to go to a few games of la liga, the most important team in ecuador... and some say in all of south america. now everyone thinks that football and basketball games in the u.s. can get intense, but you haven´t seen anything until you go to a liga game. getting to the stadium is an adventure in itself because you get to climb onto a bus with hundreds of other excited liga fans, squished like sardines. then, you arrive to the beautiful and glowing casa blanca... thousands outside buying tickets, jerseys, singing, drinking... all excited for the possible victory of their beloved team. once you´ve entered, there are a few different places you can sit, depending on how brave you are. there´s the calmer section that is like any other sporting event. however, there´s also the section for those true, crazy, fans. the whole game you spend screaming your lungs out to the cheers that all of quito knows so well. you play with fireworks, dance on the fence and hope to not get trampled by the rest of the fans. and the whole time you´re surrounded by security who are just there to make sure we don´t mob the field after we win :) no matter where you sit though, you feel the excitment, the true love of the ecuadorians for their team. one other bonus: the food. let me tell you, once you´ve had a hot dog in ecuador, you´ll never be able to eat one any other way. ingredients: the dog itself, mustard, ketchup, onions, relish, mayo and potato chips. SO GOOD. combine all these things, and you get one unforgettable experience. soy de la UUUUUUUUUUUU.

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