Monday, October 10, 2011

buenos aires. (part 1)

so my friends and i decided to take a little trip to buenos aires. of course, it didn't turn out to be a 'little' trip, and we enjoyed ourselves even more than we thought possible. after a few delays leaving quito, tracy, beth and i reunited in the airport in buenos aires to head into the city. we hopped on a bus and passed the short trip taking pictures and talking about how crazy it was that we were in a different country, once again. even though it was my second time there, i still had the feeling that i had arrived in the city for the first time. upon arriving, all you see is impressive structures, beautiful parks and hundreds of years of history all wrapped up in a mixture of latin america and europe. we arrive at the apartment of my bff alie church and settle in, take a nap and wake up to make a plan for the week! that night we went out to dinner to eat the best empanadas in the world, where i proceeded to fall asleep midsentence after 26 hours without sleeping. after getting a good nights rest we were off to uruguay (colonia) to spend the day. we took a boat, well more like a cruise ship, over to colonia and spent the day walking around the city. it honestly reminded me a little of harbor springs; small town, friendly, delicious food and beautiful scenery. the architecture of the city was absolutely increible as well. lots of colors, old brick, like being transported back to latin america 50 years ago. in reality, reminded me a little of havana cuba as well, at least the havana cuba from the movie dirty dancing havana nights. so after spending a beautiful day in this city, eating fried stuffing balls with cheese... deliciousssss! after the boat ride back, we headed back to get ready for a night out. from there we met up with some of alie's friends to have sushi (and wine), and after deciding that we did have energy, we headed out to a club. the club was fun, lots of people, great music, lots of lights and a cool style. we danced until about 4am and slept until 12 the next day. ahhhh life in buenos aires. the next day we explored the city a little. went to san telmo (a sector of the city) that has a market on sundays where we picked up gifts and presents for ourselves. you can pick up anything from scarves to tshirts, bracelets to leather jackets, and delicious street food too! even better, the market is located next to the famous plaza del mayo, so we walked around for a little bit taking pictures of the presidential palace and the plaza. after that, we headed back to the house to relax, cook some dinner and get ready for a big day ahead of us: alie getting her tattoo!!!!! ....

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